MERIDIAN Yoga Ball Therapy Workshop


Balance, Strengthen, Relax & Release An equal parts Meridian Yoga Class with a Therapeutic Meridian Yoga Ball component gives you the best of both worlds. We learn about the Meridian Pathways in the body, target key meridian points to release stagnant or blocked Qi manifesting as stress, tension or aches and pains . Learn how to use yoga asanas and yoga therapy balls to create balance, strengthen, become better body aware, improve breath awareness and empower yourself by gaining the tools you can continue to use at home at your own time and leisure for releasing physical pain and tension, stress, recovery and much more.

Seasonal workshops are offered through out the year, each season covers a specific meridian pathway, yoga postures, their related emotions and organs. Next workshop will be this FALL/WINTER 2019 subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date once registration opens.

Workshops are also available for corporate settings, studios and other alternative spaces. Contact me directly for corporate/studio rates.



Meridian Yoga Ball Therapy Express 1-1


Aches & Pains be gone! Enjoy a 30 Minute Private Express session created to target your specific areas of discomfort or pain. All guided self-acupressure ball techniques are demonstrated and practiced. Common areas addressed are upper & lower back, neck or head tension, tight hamstrings, soar ache feet, shin splints, it bands, arms, chest, any & all specific to your condition. Whether you are a desk worker, an athlete looking for quicker recovery methods, or you have other activities that are creating tension or discomfort this session is the perfect remedy!

•Relieve pain & tension, restore range of motion, improve posture & balance, enhance your performance.

•Learn self Myofascial techniques using yoga therapy balls.

•Relax, come out feeling empowered, restored and relieved.

Privates 1-1 : 30MIN: $60 / $60MIN: 120


Meridian Yoga Therapy 1-1


Reset, Recharge and Recalibrate with a Private Meridian Yoga Therapy Session.

Meridian Yoga Therapy is  a deeply healing, relaxing, energetic balancing session that gives your whole system a total re-boot.  An initial 15min consultation is offered  to establish client needs and specific goals in mind for the session.  Using a synthesis of traditional holistic healing methods including acupressure, cupping & moxa with optional use of crystals and essential oils  are used to release stress, muscle aches and tension as well as energetic blockages and stagnant Qi .  Suggestions for self-treatments at home are included and follow-up plans offered to get the most out of the treatment.  MYT sessions  improve the circulatory & nervous system, release stress and tension, create balance, grounding and a deep sense of relaxation. Come out feeling totally Blissed Out!   

First Treatment + Consultation: 120 MIN: $220 / 60 MIN: $120

Follow Up Treatments: 45MIN: $80