Meridian Yoga Ball Therapy
3:30 PM15:30

Meridian Yoga Ball Therapy


ADDRESS: 12, St. Marks Pl, #3R, NYC

A fun and practical workshop where we will cover key meridian points and self-acupressure techniques to release common muscle pain & tension issues, restore motion, improve flexibility & posture, increase breath awareness and induce a state of well-being.

Easy to learn self-acupressure techniques using yoga therapy balls, light active movements, and a guided deep relaxation will be offered to enjoy the benefits of the workshop.

Relax, Restore, Release.

•Meridian Yoga Therapy Balls will be available for in-house use free of cost as well as available for purchase.

• Please wear comfortable clothing, a fitted top or t-shirt is recommended for some of the techniques.

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Yoga Thera Ball & Yoga Nidra
4:45 PM16:45

Yoga Thera Ball & Yoga Nidra

At Usha Veda Yoga, Greenpoint NYC. Join us for a workshop in which you will relieve pain, restore motion, improve posture, and enhance your performance by learning self-acupressure techniques using specialized gripper rubber balls. We will cover techniques to alleviate aches and pains in the body from head to feet with easy light active movements, topped off with a soothing guided deep relaxation. Relax the body and mind and come out feeling refreshed, relieved and restored.

*Yoga Thera Balls will be available for in-house use free of cost as well as being available for purchase.

Exchange: $30 / Sign up at Usha Veda Yoga

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