AYURVEDA Lifestyle & Nutritional Coaching

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Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation.

Lead a healthy wholesome lifestyle by learning about your unique ayurvedic constitution or Dosha. During an ayurvedic consultation we analyze what your unique make-up is also known as your Dosha (Vata, Pita or Kapha). Consultation includes recommendations on the best foods for your constitution, what yoga postures, breathing exercises are best for your Dosha.

Consultation includes: 1 seasonal full meal recipe designed specifically for your Dosha (Inc. a main dish, side and dessert). We go through which areas you are seeking to improve and need support to offer you a unique plan for daily practices, aromatherapy, and tools to overcome specific areas you need support in. Follow-up meetings include a new seasonal recipe and extra support full of inspiration and motivation to keep you going!

First Meeting 60 MIN: $120

Follow Up’s: 30 MIN: $60




Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop Learn how to create delicious and wholesome plant based meals inspired by ayurvedic principals. Food is one of the first gateways you can use to change your life! It is said that whatever we eat we become. Food is energy and based on what we are eating it reflects on how we feel not only on a day to day basis but long term.

Seasonal Workshops offer you the chance to learn through demo’s how to create a wholesome well rounded tasty meal that both you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Workshop includes Demo, Recipes and Tasting! Gather with like minded people, make new friends and learn something new and delicious!

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