Tania is a Yogi, Teacher and Ayurvedic Nutritional Coach. Trained in Yoga, TCM Meridian Therapy, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga & Reiki.

My Goal is to support and empower your journey towards total well-being. By providing a synthesis of programs based on traditional healing methods from Meridian Yoga Therapy to Ayurvedic Nutrition it is my mission to inspire and motivate you so that you can live your life to the fullest, be able to cope with stress from a centered grounded place, have the tools to release muscle pain & tension and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of delectable wholesome plant based food.

By creating a balancing act of opposites: strength & flexibility, rest and action, yin and yang, the feminine and masculine we come more in line with who we really are at our core, a spirit having a human experience capable of enjoying a higher quality of life both external and internal.

Background: I have always had an innate passion for wellness and healing, since I was a teenager I studied Buddhism, Yoga, Plant Based Cooking & Wellness and other holistic methods of healing. Witnessing over the years so many of my family, friends, strangers and I alike suffer from anxiety, stress and other physical or emotional imbalances, I became committed to study and understand in-depth the root causes of where pain and suffering come from, why it arises, and how can we use the knowledge and wisdom of traditional healing and wellness methods to tap into our innate ability to heal and create a sense of balance and well being. My teachers include Sri Dharma Mittra, Rose Erin Vaughan, Yoshio Hama, Kim Jeblick & Dr. Naina Marballi.

Besides my passion and work in yoga, wellness and healing I came from a fine arts and textile design background, I have a BFA in Fine Arts & Design and I continue to do creative work that is based on traditional handcraft methods: Japanese Indigo Dyeing, Sashiko and Folkloric Embroidery and Textile Design.


• 500hr & 200hr RYT - Dharma Yoga Center - Classical Science of Hatha Raja Yoga from Sri Dharma Mittra.

•500hr & 200hr RYT & Meridian Yoga Therapy - Science of Self with Rose Erin Vaughan & Yoshio Hama in Vinyasa Yoga, Acupressure, Meridians, Cupping & Moxa.

• Nutritional Ayurvedic Counseling - Ayurveda’s World with Dr. Naina Marballi.

•Thai Yoga Therapy Level 1& 2- Thai Brooklyn with Sarah Seely

•Reiki 1- Maha Rose with Lisa Levine

May all our actions, words and thoughts be of positive benefit to all beings and contribute to the happiness and freedom of all

.~ Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu~